How useful is a Mexican B Arch in Europe?


I'm in my first year of a 5 year B Arch at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. While it is the #1 Mexican university and is in the top 50 worldwide (According to QS Rankings for Architecture), I don't know how my degree compares to one from a european university. I would like to get some work experience in northern europe, because my very little experience as an intern in mexican firms is quite disappointing. And I would like to learn what makes europeans better at designing cities and buildings by working there, and even doing an M. Arch in Germany maybe. So, when I end my career, how much will my degree help me?

Jan 23, 21 8:47 pm

It mostly depends on portfolio, but without a master’s degree you will very likely be considered an intern in Europe, not sure if that’s what you’re looking for

Jan 24, 21 4:19 am  · 

I do not think nationality matters that much in Europe, especially if you are from outside of Europe. But I don't think better urban planning in Europe has to do with Europeans but rather other factors. 

Better send an e-mail to the university you want to apply for and ask them more info for the application process. Keep in mind that they would most likely expect you to have some knowledge of German, but I think most Master's programs in Germany are in English. In other words, the university you graduated matters more than where you come from. 

Jun 3, 23 2:59 pm  · 

Hi! I’m Mexican living in Europe, I studied in TEC CCM. Your 5yr degree is equivalent to a bachelors and masters degree here. You don’t need to go for a masters although you could, if you wanted to. You will need to get certified in most countries though and the path is different depending on the country. I’m in the UK and there are tests, interviews and I need to work for 2yrs before being registered as an architect l. Check the situation in the country you are interested in and, of course, you’ll need a VISA. You cannot just move there unfortunately. If you study, that could be a way to start but I’d recommend trying to find a job asap whilst studying. Learned that the hard way. It takes a lot but it is doable, good luck! 

Jul 19, 23 8:01 am  · 

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