How useful is a Mexican B Arch in Europe?


I'm in my first year of a 5 year B Arch at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. While it is the #1 Mexican university and is in the top 50 worldwide (According to QS Rankings for Architecture), I don't know how my degree compares to one from a european university. I would like to get some work experience in northern europe, because my very little experience as an intern in mexican firms is quite disappointing. And I would like to learn what makes europeans better at designing cities and buildings by working there, and even doing an M. Arch in Germany maybe. So, when I end my career, how much will my degree help me?

Jan 23, 21 8:47 pm

It mostly depends on portfolio, but without a master’s degree you will very likely be considered an intern in Europe, not sure if that’s what you’re looking for

Jan 24, 21 4:19 am  · 

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