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Hi! I am making a portfolio to apply for jobs and I can't decide between sqaure portfolio of 8.5x8.5in or an A4 landscape.If I do a square portfolio, I shall get a lay flat binding done because most of my drawings might end up on the bind line so lay flat works best and for an A4 landscape Wire-O binding would be preferrable. Can people please share their thoughts so that it'll help me decide better. Do employers look down upon wire-O binding or anything like that?

Jan 21, 21 2:52 pm

All employers have their fetishes and prejudices. Don't waste your time crowd sourcing opinions in hopes to avoid offending them. Think about it as a design problem, come up with a design solution, and if some asshole criticizes your portfolio, use it to have a conversation about design and why you chose to do what you did. If they don't hire you or call you in because of your portfolio size, consider it a win, they didn't waste your time.

Jan 21, 21 3:00 pm  · 
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Non Sequitur

Layflat or GTFO...

Also, please ensure all your pages are exactly 8-3/32" by 407.2cm.

Jan 21, 21 3:31 pm  · 
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USA - go 8.5" x 11" and then a full facing spread is 11" x 17" - and it makes a nice sized book. 

Rest of the world - same thing, but with A3.

Don't do square! You'd be surprised at how often I've shown up to an interview with my nice lay-flat perfect-bound book and the person interviewing me has my work samples already printed and wants to look at those even though they were run off the shitty office xerox machine. 

If you have a square format (or anything other than the most common size of printer paper in the country you are working in) those pages are going to look terrible. 

Jan 21, 21 3:39 pm  · 
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A square portfolio would only work if two squares equal a standard paper size...

Jan 21, 21 5:06 pm  · 

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