Confused. Should I pursue architectural degree or not?


Hi, I'm a senior high school student and I still can't decide on what course I should get. My parents and relatives adviced me to get architecture since they saw my drawings. But I have a problem. I'm not really that good in drawing and I only draw anime characters. But they said that I'll get used to it when I'm exposed to that field. And also I'm not that good in math (but I can learn if someone teaches me).I am also a lazy person. I don't know what to do. I need some advice thank you.

ps. sorry for my English and grammar.

Jan 18, 21 1:30 pm
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architecture school involves long (excessively long in fact) hours. The lazy should stay away. 

Besides that, you need a creative drive and you actually need to like (love) buildings and designing spaces. If all you do is draw cartoons, then there is not much cross over. 

Jan 18, 21 1:36 pm  · 
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no. if you don't like buildings, cities, and spaces there really is no point to studying architecture. it's challenging and competitive work which is only worthwhile if you love the outcome.

also while hand sketching is a useful skill, it's a minor part of the job - at the entry level 95% of the work will be modeling or drawing on a computer.

study a subject because you love what it's about, not because it has some minor connection to one of your hobbies.

Jan 18, 21 5:14 pm  · 
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If there is ANYTHING taking "SOME" architecture / architecture related courses could do for you is inspire you visually when designing spatial environments of the scenes. You'll find in Anime that they often do include interesting architecture and cityscape so you might want to take SOME courses but it needs not be an NAAB accredited architecture program. You could still learn it outside of architecture school but study buildings and we might be able to help guide you with some study materials that can contribute to developing your skills.


tell your parents illustration and drawing in digital arts is a better paying career, it's true.

Jan 18, 21 5:57 pm  · 
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This is excellent advice, and it's good that you're seeking this counsel early.


If you are already unsure at this stage...i would say no, dont do it. Agree with the previous comments :) If you'd like more advice feel free to drop me a message on IG @yanessaw i've mentored young students in the past.

Jan 18, 21 10:51 pm  · 

Aozora, there are potential career fields more aligned with your interest in Anime like Anime / Manga, video games art with such theme, etc. You can make possibly more money with potentially more consistent work and maybe happier to pursue.

You have not given any indication why you want to design buildings aside from anime background scene which you can apply the practice in video games, films, animation, etc. You can make a decent income and there is still a lot of work in these fields where you can keep busy and earn money even if it isn't perceived as "prestigious". Problem with architecture is the perceived "prestigiousness" often is not commensurate of prestigious salaries/pay from clients. That's the sad part of the profession.

You have to work hard and can't be lazy. If you are lazy, consider something else. Actually, lazy is something you want to address because that will actually be a handicap in getting anywhere but you are more likely to address that lazy streak issue with something up your area of interest and passion than something you are not and more likely to feel like you are being pushed into.

Jan 19, 21 2:40 am  · 

Hell no, Animation and game design artist is way worse than architecture. That is an absolute niche art design category. It is similar to fashion design. You need good connections. For architecture at least there are vernacular work and professional license as a safe net for the career development even if you don't do starchitect stuff. Animation and game design field is dog eat dog.


It's a specific niche area but we aren't talking about someone pursuing a life of being the next artist to get in the Louvre or something like that. Why should the person who has no indicated interest pursue a career where he or she has absolutely no interest. There are plenty of possible avenues to take skills from animation to game design and many other fields for digital artists. You don't need a license and you are talking about a person who would also be able to do many different avenues but guess what it is work. If the person is purely lazy then there is NO career for them to pursue or be successful unless they change that aspect of themselves. Lazy or not, if your heart isn't in it for ANY career field, you just aren't going to be lasting in the career. There isn't many college programs for these fields but a degree isn't required, either.


We can see salaries in these fields in the realm of $40K to $100K but a degree isn't as crucial to get into the field. Over career path, they may become managers of animation team with minimal continuing education development costs. Also, these fields don't have the burden of licensure costs, exams, etc. It is kind of a pre-requisite of pursuing a career in any field to have some passion about the field and the work even though there is some not so pleasant aspects. I'm not pushing this person to pursue a career this person does not have a particular interest in. The tricky part of being an animator or game design artists is getting connected and noticed but it is not that hard if you just get connected in the right areas on the internet and be connected with people and then start doing stuff that would showcase you. The person needs to be somewhat entrepreneural and willing to work as an employee and applying for a jobs and if necessary, do some stuff that can be a portfolio. Even a digital or video comic gig can be just the thing to get noticed. Also other not so flashing 'bread & butter' work that brings a paycheck along the way. Whatever, but that's all money he can be earning not necessarily spending paying off student loans for the rest of the person's working career. What's your retirement plan like?


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