Request for critique on Part 2 Portfolio (application for assistant roles)


Good afternoon all,

I have recently finished my Master's Degree (part 2) and have been searching for a position in London for the last few months, however, i've only received one opportunity to interview and without any feedback i've been struggling to understand what is wrong with my portfolio.

I was hoping for some honest constructive criticism that hopefully would enlighten me as to why I may have been unsuccessful with so many applications.


I sincerely appreciate any guidance / insight,

Best Regards,


Jan 17, 21 12:34 pm

Hi Liam ,
it's a little underwhelming i must say. Did you also have  a PDF version of your folio ?  I'd suggest put a couple more of uni projects in / and choose just one out of the two projects from Architectus with more details to it  i.e any drawings that you drew or being involved instead of just describing in text like you did.


Jan 19, 21 12:48 am  · 

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