should I include final project (architecture school) in portfolio if unhappy with it?



I'm currently doing my Master's degree in Architecture at the same university where I did my Bachelor's (in Germany). Here, the policy is that you need to do an internship before your final Master's project. I'm currently on my last semester before I'd have to do said internship and am growing slowly more panicked as I have not yet finished my portfolio but desperately need to be applying. 
My main issue is with my final project from my Bachelor's degree - I am not happy with it at all, but feel that as final project - and one of the few I worked on by myself - it should be included. I've been stressing over reworking it for more than a year now, but rather than finding any elegant solutions it's an anxiety-inducing blockade that keeps me from working on my portfolio at all.

Should I just ditch it - despite it being an important project - and stick with the projects I'm happy with? Or is a final project a thing people will definitely question me not having?

Thank you so much to anyone with any words of wisdom! Honestly at the end of my tether here. 

Jan 16, 21 2:50 pm

Start today reworking it, or working on the portfolio, just start...nothing produces more anxiety than putting things off again and again. Otherwise in the end you’ll be sending things out in a last minute panic that you’re not happy with at all  (either that project or the portfolio as a whole) and could’ve fixed if only you started earlier. 

Jan 16, 21 3:44 pm  · 

Depends on how much work needs to be done on it. You should really send it out to see if you have any bites with the project as is. You might be fretting over nothing and second guessing yourself too much. If you get interviews they might give you feedback on it and you can incorporate it into your project. My final project wasn't too great either, but was able to get a job with it. I plan on taking it out and work on other speculative projects when I seek another job.

Jan 17, 21 5:01 pm  · 
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Could also focus on the parts you're happy-ish with... or at least don't actively hate, and don't feature it as your first or last project. Also, ask a professor or friend to look at it - outside perspectives are invaluable for gauging quality... 

Jan 17, 21 7:35 pm  · 

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