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I know people might be exhausted from my posts, and I can understand why. I haven't posted anything in a while. Thus I would like to ask about an specific country, which is Austria because I do not have a great knowledge of their current architecture scene. Thus I'd like to ask for information. I am not familiar with many architecture firms coming from Austria, but I have done a lot of research and I have found some nice names, such as Bernardo Bader or Innauer Matt. However besides those names and I am not able to find more names of what I am specifically looking for. I wonder, whether there are interesting or intriguing architects with a nice architectural approach, ideas or quality in Austria, because it is a country, which is sort of similar to Switzerland, but I don't think that their architects are as famous as the swiss ones are. I just wonder whether there are architects in Austria with the same qualities of the swiss architects. I do not mean that they have to replicate what  the swiss do, but at least it would be nice to get to know Austrian architects with similar approaches who intend to do something alike in their own way. Therefore, it would be splendid if someone can name me some. Thanks. 

Dec 6, 20 7:18 am

In my opinion, you are looking at it ass-backwards. Instead of searching for star architects, first look at the architecture, buildings, THEN try to determine who did them.

You will find some absolutely stunning architecture in Austria done by very ordinary architects who really aren't all that ordinary since they do beautiful work.

Dec 6, 20 9:07 am  · 
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Thanks for your suggestion. I completely understand what you mean by that, and I have done what you said so far. But,I still feel that I have not gathered enough names yet. Also I have never asked for star-architects. I am just asking for good and nice architects coming from there. All I really want to know is what people could be able to provide or suggest with architect´s names because I might be missing some whom they might know and I do not.


These are probably some good names from Austria; although I know what people think about them or they might have anybody else to add...


The next ENTERprise

Dietmar Feichtinger

Bernardo Bader (Bregenz)

Hubmann Vass


propeller z

juri troy

X architekten

Maximilian Eisenköck

Hafale Nuler




Share Architects

Cukrowicz Nachnour


Jan 21, 21 5:33 pm  · 
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Sorry I made a mistake!! I meant the following: "These are probably some good names from Austria; although I do not know what other people might think about them or they might have anybody else to add..."*

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Only know the first 2 on your list.


Thanks a lot. I will check them out!!! It is good to know some names from a country, which it is not well renowned as others in architecture.


Delugan Meissl Associated Architects

Jan 21, 21 6:33 pm  · 
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They designed one of my son’s favourite buildings in town, the Eye Film Institute...


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