Anyone using VisualARQ 2 with Rhino

Is anyone using VisualARQ 2 with Rhino as a low cost version of BIM software instead of Revit ?
Let me know
Nov 16, 20 6:11 pm

there was a similar thread a while back....

Nov 16, 20 10:45 pm  · 

I asked the same question a while back, and despite the lack of responses I decided to buy VisualArq anyway.

I'm very happy with it this far! We use one cloud license for our small office specialised in interior renovation, and for us Revit would just be overkill, not to mention financially unfeasible. The possibilities that comes with integration with Grasshopper is really the best part, making it possible to create a kind of dynamic 3D blocks but also to auto-generate interior elevations, customized annotations or whole parametric buildings.

Jan 21, 21 5:28 am  · 
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I would recommend you should wait for the release of VisualARQ 3.0. 2.0 is half-baked. 

1.Walls, slabs, roofs, and beams are not joined - You have to subtract using solid for correnct join. Imagine how many times you have to do that?

2. Levels of each element are not constrained to the level change - If you change a level of a floor, you have to move slabs, furniture, and walls on the floor manually

3. Wall height is not constrained to the level - You have to change height of every wall on the level.

4. Too many bugs.- More than a thousand bugs has been fixed so far for VA 2.0 version.

5. You can not have 2D drawing space like ArhiCAD or Revit. 2D drawing space is 'must-have' feature as BIM software. It's crazy to mange and control more than a hundred drawings in a model space.

6. Slow development speed - For last 4 years, none of these basic features above as BIM software has not been added at all, although many users has asked for them, because the developers had to spend most of their time to fix bugs.

VA is, of course, very cheap as compred to ArchiCAD and Revit. It should not be "Buy chepa and waste your money", however. VA is actually not cheap at all, given its low functioinality at the moment. It's quite expensive. Simply, it makes me feel like "Cheap is cheap." In spite of these, I think VA still has big potential. You'd bettter see what's gonna happend to VA 3.0

Jul 28, 21 1:52 am  · 

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