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hi guys, what source are you guys using for newspaper. I am currently subscribed to dezeen and archpaper. I am trying to find a source with daily/ weekly updates. just checking in to see what are some good resources for quality analysis and essay for architect/designers.

Jul 14, 20 1:30 pm


Jul 14, 20 1:42 pm  · 
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thumbs down because you forgot to link it:

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And our Features section ;)

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Non Sequitur

I hear the forum section is also a good place:


Don't forget that you can pick up issues of Ed from the Outpost too:

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i agree but i am able to find analysis or maybe essay which is why i turned to other sources.


Thank EA, and you can also order from the Ed website, including international orders (which the Archinect Outpost shop doesn't offer) -

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fuck those papers...Dezeen makes you wish you were doing better design and archpaper is so architecty.


Jul 14, 20 7:35 pm  · 
randomised is great in my opinion, both light and serious to the point, their print edition is best but online not bad either!

Jul 15, 20 11:00 am  · 
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fuck the papers...

how does this opportunistic vomit get published?

Jul 17, 20 9:15 pm  · 

Give it a week or two and it will be featured here...

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