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For family reasons, I'm planning a move from the east coast to the Denver metro area sometime within the next year, targeting May 2021 but that's up in the air. I'm currently working for a design architect on transportation and aviation projects, enjoying working on progressive mid to large scale commercial/institutional projects and am not looking to move into small retail or residential.

I do not have much of a lay of the land in the Denver jobs/firms market, including which of the big firms even have Denver offices. I've seen plenty of Denver chatter on the forums around here, but no good breakdown of the who's-who in the area. I've done some intial research on Archinect/AIA Colorado/Architect Magazine, but is anyone on the forums willing to lend some insight into who some of the notable offices are? 

I'd request that for a moment that we pretend there isn't a pandemic and substantial job instability...

Jul 10, 20 11:29 am

The bigger well known higher design firms IMHO: AMD (Anderson, Mason, Dale), Fentress Bradburn, Stantec, Tryba, Oz Architecture, Davis Partnership, Barker Rinker Seacat (BRS), 4240, and Teanor HL (formerly HL). To name a few off the top of my head.    

Jul 10, 20 11:47 am  · 
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Oh... and your best fit given aviation and transportation would be Fentress Bradburn who does airports internationally.


Yeah Fentress seems like a slam dunk!

I will say that the quality of design in the Denver market and from Denver-led firms is generally... wanting. 

Not to say there aren't some good shops there, but hopefully you are ok making buildings and architecture, not Architecture.

Jul 10, 20 1:03 pm  · 

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