I once got hammerred as..HICCUP...Architect!

and bought a $150 - 3D computer model of the Centre Pompidou and did some doodling!

[I'll go first and then you go, and no judgement, because when  you're hammerred - all is cool.  This is why I love the Irish. No judgement in this state. James Joyce "never made any sense anyway"...]

May 29, 20 11:07 pm


May 29, 20 11:26 pm  · 
revolutionary poet

Are you suggesting Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano chose the wrong colors?  You didn't need to splurge on a $150 3D model and make pointless images to make such a statement, fool - or were you drinking?

May 30, 20 7:32 pm  · 

So I had to attend this architect conference for a week in a really strange city. Paid trip from my boss minus room and board which kind of sucked but oh well.. it was a week away from any real life work/family responsibilities. Well one night was a social drink event after a tour of architectural worthy buildings. So we are at our last stop... an abandoned high rise, not sure what the architectural significance was but whatever there is free booze. Everyone was given two drink tickets for this event. For whatever reason random architects were giving me their drink tickets. Then one of the event organizers had a bunch of tickets left over and dumped them on me. I didnt know anyone, and I’m in a room with maybe 100 boring architects. So i said fuck this... I’m getting blitzed! To be honest this is way out of character for me. I wasnt black out drunk, but this was probably the most I’ve ever consumed alcohol in my life. I remember this uncontrollable laughter running through me while randomly eavesdropping on all this serious architect talk. One of the most memorable feelings I had was doing this free fall crash into a couch... out of pure laughter that I couldn’t control. What a feeling! I was having a great time! So you can imagine the urge to urinate was right around the corner. I asked someone where the restrooms were....   “Its around the corner, but there are no lights” someone said. I find the washroom, a 20’x 20’ room with one toilet and one sink  and no functioning lights. This wasn’t a hold it till I get to the hotel room moment... so I had to try my best and walk over 20’ in pitch black darkness and hope for the best. So I was doing the deed and if I was hitting my mark no one will ever know... then the urge of laughter struck my body due to how ridiculous this washroom layout was with no lights! I begin to stumble all over the place, drunk and still urinating all over this room. It became this out of body urination experience! I look back at it now as my regular prude self and say... wow how immature. I acted. Here I am... a kid that took life too serious... never went to parties, never went clubbing... was just stuck in the architecture studio like a good boy slaving away. Then another part of me says... way to go! You had a blast and did things you shouldn’t have done but it was good to just let loose a little! It was a sense of freedom, an escape from reality. Thats my I once got hammered as an architect story. 

May 31, 20 2:13 am  · 
2  · 

great story! We're watching all the Batman's in my house hold with the kids and your laughing and piss scene immediately made me think of the Joker. Then your backgrounds story made me think maybe you could even have been the Riddler! What I learned from the Irish, drinking nearly everyday for a few months (was at Uni in Europe) - a) be happy when you do it and b) all things committed drunk are forgiveable and usually funny. I'm not going to suggest picking up a drinking habit but you should note

"I remember this uncontrollable laughter running through me while randomly eavesdropping on all this serious architect talk."and the couch scene.  Life can be that easy.  My wife often makes me go get beer, otherwise I'm too serious Architect ;)

May 31, 20 8:49 am  · 

Should change username to OneLostDrunkAndUrinatingAllOverArchitect :)

Jun 2, 20 4:37 am  · 

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