Combining Architecture, Real Estate, and Computer Science


Hi all,

Currently I'm looking for master degree that combining the knowledge from architecture design, real estate/ property, and computer science.

Any suggestion on what degree should I look for?


May 24, 20 11:41 am

Thanks for the post!

You may not find a degree that exactly purports all of these things but many schools of architecture, or just universities, for that matter, have courses in real estate and computer science. So one approach could be pursuing a degree in architecture and seek out electives in these other subjects, or even minoring in one of them.

Another thing to consider is that computer science is already very imbedded in the current architectural discourse. Coding, robotics, and fabrication is a big part of the pedagogy at many schools of architecture and so there is a good chance your interest in computer science would be well received at many schools.

Real estate development is a bit of different animal, but a good idea might be talking with some schools about your interest there. Question, do you have an undergraduate degree in architecture already? If so, you could look for something similar to the MSArch in Real Estate Development at Woodbury University. This way you get a studio based degree (which would provide opportunities to use computer science in your design process) and you get training in real estate development through the lens of architecture.

You might also enjoy Archinect's Deans List series which is a collection of interviews from Deans at schools of architecture about their pedagogical approaches.

You might also dig this article:

May 27, 20 10:57 am  · 

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