To keep or not to keep past employer and client information on drawings for portfolios


Hi all,

What is the rule of thumb in regards to past employer and client information on drawings that are included in my portfolio? Should I black/white out all related information or should I leave them intact in order to deepen credibility? Please advise.

May 11, 20 5:15 am

Employer information should be kept in. Assuming you're in the US, you have the right to use work you did for an employer in your portfolio, provided you're assigning proper credit to all of the work you're showing.

I always strip out client information (client name & address specifically), unless they've made it clear that they're okay with your firm using them for marketing. Typically if you're doing commercial or civic work (e.g. a well-known brewery in town), you can probably be okay using the name of the establishment. For private clients (e.g. custom homes), assume the client doesn't want to be named unless stated otherwise. Just come up with a creative name for the project instead.

May 11, 20 9:04 am  · 
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If you include photos, specify the photographer. If you include renderings, specify the individual responsible. Put the firm name at the top, just under the project. Think of it this way: assume they know the project and the firm. Act accordingly.

May 11, 20 11:56 am  · 
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I usually leave all the info on hard copies that I bring to interviews and meetings but am a little more discreet when sending digital copies or post material online. I do give proper credit for everything I didn't personally do such as photographs and renderings etc.

May 11, 20 4:05 pm  · 
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Thank you all. 

Jun 1, 20 8:04 am  · 

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