Help needed with annexe layout and space utility 1000 sq feet


Hello guys I am working on a project for a newly married couple who wish to build an annexe in an existing garden space. 1000 sq feet is the space. The requirements on the ground floor are living, dining , kitchen, pantry, powder room for guest, study. The first floor needs master bedroom with small balcony, master bathroom, walk in closets, 2 small bedrooms with single bathroom shared, storeroom. The stairs would lead to the roof for roof access. I attach the dimensional shape and layout and will upload pictures of the garden space soon. Any help would be much appreciated as this is my first time undertaking such a project. 

The city is very hot in the summer months requiring air conditioning and 3-4 months of pleasant cool weather. Privacy is of importance as the husband has male guests over often and the wife does not wish to be disturbed while navigating the space between ground and first when needed.

Feb 10, 20 4:01 pm

How much are we getting paid for this?

Feb 10, 20 4:06 pm

1 peso

Non Sequitur

Copy pasting my answer from your other identical thread:

Is this a school project or are you actually getting paid to design this space?  If it's the former, then that's you job as a student to put forth multiple versions of spaces until you decide on an intelligent combination that suits the project brief.  Then have fun with design elements.

If it's the later, then why are you accepting commissions when you rely on crowd-sourcing for your answers?  

Feb 10, 20 4:07 pm
Chad Miller

I too will copy and paste my answer from the other identical thread:

Go fuck yourself with a sharpened stick.  

Feb 10, 20 6:08 pm

Hire an architect:

Funny that the OP wants to do this in the locality that close to where the PCATP is located. ( )


Feb 10, 20 8:03 pm

budget?  why not expand the garden raise it 4 floors for trees & cantilever covering the whole space?  put lightest materials on top i.e. wood then, below, masonry etc.

Feb 10, 20 10:23 pm
Non Sequitur

because reasons


i could eng 4 u

Feb 10, 20 10:46 pm

one critique: you handled the private vertical circulation requirements for the wife with a strange non-subtlety

Non Sequitur

^DOG'damit, I should not be laughing this loud... I'll wake the toddler. Excellent point Arch.

Non Sequitur

Jawknee, I like that you took a picture with a scale in the background but clearly ignored it and just threw-up squigly lines for the 6th (!) floor level.

RickB-Astoria me laughing there and then read N.S.'s response and laughed even more.


Is that a bat signal?


i'm just surprised to see pakistan's construction industry also still measures in feet-inches.

Feb 11, 20 12:31 am
Non Sequitur

so you're saying that the US and Pakistan are equally backwards?

Chad Miller

Shut up you!

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