Cows, Architecture, and the Meaning of Life


With the closing of the FLW school it is clear that the development of new architectural curricula is paramount for a new era. But there is no reason to fear for if we study the relationship of cows and architecture through history we can learn much about the meaning of life and thereby be more effective architects. Furthermoor, by enrolling in this course you will become a better architect by considering cows when you design, henceforth unconsciously and involuntarily. Remember, if you can design for a cow, you can design for a human.

Jan 31, 20 1:26 am

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Non Sequitur

Design for cows?

Jan 31, 20 7:33 am
Wood Guy

Ha ha.

(Fancy British word for cow ditch.)

Jan 31, 20 8:23 am

Where does one sign up for the School of Arcowtecture?

Jan 31, 20 9:28 am
Non Sequitur

I am amoosed by this comment


I love this sow much


I didn't know those were called furthermoors. I like.

Jan 31, 20 10:13 am
Wood Guy

I've been trying to think of a good name for our farm/homestead, which is out in the countryside. "Furthermoor" is now a contender...



Featured Comment

i hate bovines and puns. cownt me out.

Jan 31, 20 11:11 am
liberty bell

You guys are all delightful!

Jan 31, 20 10:36 pm

Amazing. 10/10.

Feb 1, 20 10:04 am
a virus's virus

Did your client not like the samples you provided?

Do you stay up at night,

Image result for obama cow

Worry that America is irreparably divided?

Well, rest assured!

Cows are the great equalizer.

Whether your name is Tex,

Image result for cowhide wall house

or your firm is REX

You can always propose cowhide as an appropriate finish material.

Wouldn't you know?

Image result for le corbusier cow

It even worked for the Crow.

(I apologize, truly)

Feb 21, 20 12:29 am

The Le Corbusier, that's pony hide.


Koww and Cows.... and a load of a bull.   

Cowitecture or is that Kowwitecture or is it Bullvinian

Feb 21, 20 4:45 am
Featured Comment
This is timely, in light of Rem’s proposed colonization of the Countryside. A school to specifically study how best to exploit that mystery territory outside the cities could really give his ideas legs. A new Tailiesen could really focus a new generation on ways to milk the engorged realm of criminally underexploited (and federally subsidized) farms.
Feb 21, 20 6:59 am
Non Sequitur

cows are tasty. 

Feb 21, 20 7:44 am
liberty bell

I’m so ready for lab-grown meat to replace eating actual animals! We’ll be designing cow-itecture to house cows that are just living a chill life knowing they won’t be slaughtered! Granted there will be far fewer of them.

Feb 21, 20 8:08 am
Non Sequitur

does that mean more revisions to the building codes to allow for bovine occupants?


We already have to accommodate full-size moo-bility scooters, and those things carry quite the payload.

Chad Miller


Feb 21, 20 11:15 am
atelier nobody

You're late to the game - Art Deco and Streamline Moderne milk parlors are a recognized historical type in Ontario, California.

Feb 21, 20 1:21 pm

best post on archinect

Feb 21, 20 5:03 pm
a virus's virus

who smelt it dealt it.

Mar 6, 20 11:26 pm

said the rhyme did the crime

a virus's virus

haha....who denied it supplied it!

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