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I am an Architect from India and currently working with a US based outsourcing firm for 3 years. I am planning to pursue masters in Construction management as I've a background of real estate and construction in my home country. I would like to know few things:

1. I absolutely have an interest in estimation, scheduling and management,  but i would like to know will it be difficult for me to undertake this program since I've an architectural background?

2. Does this program has to do a lot with calculus mathematics  and physics? 

3. Can anyone please share their experience on being a Construction Manager. 


Jan 22, 20 8:02 am

My opinions are only based on working with PMs/Supers on site both under GCs and Construction Managers.  

1. We won't be able to gauge how well you will do with your experience in a Construction Management degree that you don't even name, but I'd like to think my architectural background would help me breeze through a program like that.  I would argue it should be clear whether you're a "nuts and bolts" type of architect who would probably be better off in construction.  As a self-prescribed nuts-and-bolts architect, I'd suggest we stick out like a sore thumb in most traditional firms.

2. Again, you haven't told us which exact program you're looking into, but I can't imagine calculus and physics being a big deal.  You'll need to "work an excel sheet" or the more modern version of that, for gantt charts and schedules, pay apps, and the like, but arguably the jobs you're shooting for don't even require over a highschool education.

3. I'd rather have a PM with history as a super or Asst PM who is struggling with the paperwork but can build me a great building and will work with me through RFIs than a bean counter who views the entire process as a way to generate extra revenue/profit.  I've worked with decent CMs, who know to be proactive, keep ahead of the subs with paperwork, and otherwise stay out of the way... but more often I find they complicate things.

Jan 22, 20 12:14 pm

​Hey, thanks a lot for your response​. Well, I am planning to get settled in the United states soon and thought of utilizing all the skills and experiences I've gathered while working with my company here in India. As i mentioned, As an architectural designer I've worked on residential projects like single family, condos and town homes. By now, I can confidently say that I'm skilled in preparing SD, DD, CD and well informed with building codes, materials, specifications and construction techniques. I understand in the United States architectural designer is basic designation. Hence, I plan to utilize my architectural knowledge and study further in the area that excites me. I have deep interest in planning, scheduling and management. I think i can go better in the field of Construction Management. I am planning to pursue masters from Arizona state university and the program i am applying into is Ms. in Construction Management.


Based on your comments, it sounds like you're not interested in becoming an architect (this is an architect's forum) and that most of your experience producing drawings would not require an architect (single family homes, town homes). Unless you're actually designing condos or townhomes for sale to individual owners, you could show up tomorrow and set up shop as a designer. Reach out to Rick of this forum for more information.

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Jan 22, 20 6:02 pm

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