Is now a good time to be applying for post-graduation jobs?


Hi, I'm in London and I'm graduating from my Part 2 MArch in May/June. I'd like to have ideally lined up a new job to start after graduating.

Is now too early to be applying to things/sending offices portfolios? Any advice on how best to go about that in general would also be very welcome.


Jan 20, 20 10:08 am
Chad Miller

It's never too early to apply.  

As for the best way, well you'll get a lot of opinions.  Here are a few general tips.

1.  Research the firms your applying to.  Know their office locations, market segments, design and office culture.

2.  If you can get to know someone in the firm.  This can be a good way to learn about the 'actual' firm.   To be fair this one can be hard to do.  Try going to conferences, luncheons, ect so you can network.   

3.  Taylor each cover letter to the firm - show why you're a good fit for that firm.   For god's sake spell and grammar check everything!  

4.  Make sure your portfolio is on point - layout, graphic design, ect.  The firms will be looking at more than your 'work' at this stage.  The portfolio itself is just as (or more) important than the 'work' in it.  

5.  Send out a lot of resumes but only send them out to firms you want to work for (duh).  This last one is a bit of a no brainer however you'd be surprised by how many people I know send out resumes to firms they are rather - meh - for.  Don't waste anyone's time by applying to a firm you don't want to work at.  

Good luck!  

Jan 20, 20 10:26 am

Thank you, that's reassuring on timing. And the advice is very helpful too

Non Sequitur

Another point to add, and we've been burned by this before, is that if you apply early and negotiate a position to start say... in 2 or 3 months from now when you're done school, don't be a dick and ditch that job the day before you're supposed to start because you found something else. Give some reasonable notice because firms often hire based on upcoming workloads and not having bodies in seats when they expect them is a pain.

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