Could an architectural engineer do the job of both an architect and an arch engineer?


I just started studying architectural engineering technology and I would just like to know if I was to complete my bachelor’s degree in this program, would I be able to design my own building on top of doing all the engineering work? Or do you have to necessarily work on architects’ already completed projects? I like artistic aspect of it but I also really like the engineering too. Could I do both?

Jan 17, 20 1:55 pm

Why not. Somebody can have both the ability

Apr 14, 21 12:37 am  · 
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And sometimes they can do neither...

Apr 14, 21 8:27 am  · 
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Look up Santiago Calatrava ... he seemed to figure it out. Aside from the basic professional associations / registrations the architectural education is profoundly improved by the addition of a complimentary education ( interior / landscape / engineering / planning / business etc )

Apr 14, 21 3:11 pm  · 

He's a structural engineer, not an architectural engineer. 

Apr 14, 21 3:55 pm  · 

Yes I am aware that Santiago is a Structural Eng. That was my point. he is also an Architect too.

Apr 14, 21 4:10 pm  · 

These seems like a really good question to have investigated before starting your program.  

You should look into your specific school accreditation and the exam requirements for your state.  If you are lucky you will be able to take the exams after graduation, perhaps after an internship period.  

You might find that the more efficient path is an NAAB accredited M. Arch degree.

Apr 15, 21 1:29 pm  · 
Wood Guy

Apologies to the regulars who have heard my story... OP, my degree is an unaccredited  BS in engineering, comparable to what you are planning. After graduation I had a 10-year career in construction, followed by 15 years in design. I don't really have regrets, but if I could do it over again I would likely choose an accredited path such as what shellarchitect recommends--while you can have a career without licensure, as I have, having the license opens a lot more doors for you. If you're not sure about architecture vs. engineering, there have been a lot of threads here about that difference. But go for a license one way or the other, if you possibly can. It's only getting more important, and apparently easier, as time passes. I wish I had parents or advisors who understood this and had relayed it to me, or if they did, I wish I had listened. 

To answer your question, in most places architects can design the structural aspects of a building but it gets boring and involves a lot of liability so most architects outsource it to engineers. Engineers don't get a lot of creative freedom, as a rule. 

Apr 15, 21 6:44 pm  · 
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Um... fyi since people keep bumping this... zombie thread by a one and done.

Apr 15, 21 6:47 pm  · 
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Wood Guy


Apr 15, 21 6:52 pm  · 
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