The Future Architect


To those hesitant in pursuing architecture. 

I live in downtown, wear a signet ring every day, and drive a 1970 Karmann Ghia. I am in my late 20’s. I'm very independent and not necessarily looking for a career change. I am only interested in becoming a better person. I grew up in my family’s contracting business and remember visiting job sites at 13. My mom always wanted me to be an architect, and I turned the other way because of that. I started working instead of going to college. I worked in fashion for most of my adult life: Nick W**ster, Haider Ackermann, The Gigi, Saint Laurent. Fashion introduced me to home: Kelly Wearstler, Georg Jensen, Baccarat, Brian Thoreen, Knoll. I then left fashion and got into decorative plumbing and hardware. I got introduced to fixtures, hardware, and anything that involved water. I started working with interior designers and architects. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned so I left and became a “design consultant” at a furniture/design store. We do kitchens, bathrooms, and any furnishings you can think of. I work in the design world and with the direct client. Working with interior designers and architects humbled me down, but it only motivated me. I got rid of my ego. I started meditating to clear my head as much as possible. I then began to realize that architecture will help me achieve one thing, bring a creative thought to life. It can be a building, a house, an art piece/ sculpture, a fixture, a restaurant, or a kitchen. I will be able to design the home my future wife and I live in. I will be able to create the world my children grow up in. An architect can have several different meanings. I am starting 2020 with a clear head. I work 40 hours a week and go to school. Yes, at 27, I have decided to return to school and become an architect. I just finished my first winter-mester class and will start five additional classes on the 21st — two of them being design classes and the rest online. I have adjusted my work schedule around school. Not only will this help me achieve my personal goals, but it will also help me be more successful at work. I have predicted that this will take me around seven years to complete. I know this will be a long journey, but why set a time frame for who you want to be in life?  

You can do it. 

Jan 13, 20 10:44 am
Non Sequitur


Jan 13, 20 10:50 am

i cringed.

Jan 13, 20 1:01 pm



"A future architect"

Jan 13, 20 1:59 pm

"I got rid of my ego." This thread suggests otherwise.

Un-cynically, I am excited for architecture school and your future internships to 'humble you down' a little more. You're young & enthusiastic and that's great but your sense of importance here borders on unrealistic. Get ready for the gut-punch. Take it and learn from it. There may be hope for you yet.

Jan 13, 20 2:02 pm

Thank you for the kind response. This is my first online post ever and may not always be grammatically correct, but what I do like is that I am seeing some reactions. I find that people here do lose that enthusiasm, so I wanted to post something positive for a change. I will only thrive from honest feedback. Keep it coming :)

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