Apple Keynote Software for professional Portfolio?


how is the Apple software keynote to create a professional portfolio? Has anyone done it before ?

Dec 9, 19 4:06 pm

Keynote is the Apple equivalent of Powerpoint.  If you're putting together a portfolio that you will present as a slideshow, it will work fine.  But if you mean you want to use Keynote to design a portfolio for print purposes or to save as a pdf, then Keynote makes about as much sense for that as Powerpoint would - in other words it could be done, if you were locked in a dungeon by a crazed maniac who refused to let you out until you design your portfolio in Keynote or Powerpoint. In virtually any other scenario there are better options.

Dec 9, 19 4:42 pm

okay great. I think I’m just going to bring an iPad from now on for future interviews. keynote should be fine then. 

Dec 9, 19 9:49 pm
I would never hire someone who brought a screen in lieu of a paper portfolio. Just print it out. You can’t see anything on an iPad.
Dec 10, 19 9:00 am
Non Sequitur

I agree. Printing a portfolio makes you consider the page count since it actually costs something. Forces people to weed out the garbage and filler stuff... and that folio better be perfect-bound. No spiral coil bullshit.

It’s more that I just can’t see anything on the screen. You have to zoom and pinch and touch and all this nonsense. Same reason I bring a roll of physical drawings to sites instead of relying on a screen. Lots of room for technical difficulties with the screen. Hard to fuck up a piece of paper. It’s really obnoxious to ‘flip’ on a screen, find a particular page etc, have to potentially explain to interviewer how to do the said flipping etc. paper is simple and requires no instructions, battery can’t die etc etc. I also make my staff print everything out for redlines, often to their chagrin at the beginning, until they start doing it, and, gasp, begin to find their own errors/redlines before even bringing it to me. It’s much easier to see details on a paper than a screen. That’s the business and it will always be that way. You can’t replace that kind of tactility unless some gen z plans on replacing human eyes and hands. Print the thing. For yourself and the interviewer. The screen has its use and place yes, but sometimes, such as in the case of the portfolio, paper is very important.
Dec 10, 19 10:17 am
Oh and to the original question omg no do not use PowerPoint/keynote for a professional portfolio. InDesign or similar.
Dec 10, 19 10:20 am

You really need to bring a nicely printed portfolio and offer to leave with the interviewer(s).

Dec 10, 19 12:41 pm

some dinosaurs in this thread. bring a couple VR headsets to the interview so you walk around your projects in full scale

Dec 10, 19 11:02 pm
Don’t leave your portfolio behind that’s a waste of money. Print one nice one and bring it with you.
Dec 12, 19 9:36 am

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