Help Find Concrete House No Walls believed to be 1950s in Europe


I came across a house in a magazine once which had no internal walls. It was somewhere in Europe but am not sure which country. It was in a forest and had a couple of walls over the kitchen which dropped from the ceiling but didn't connect to the floor. It had a concrete screen around the shower area which came up from the floor but didn't connect to the ceiling. It also had a rather interesting concrete bench in the kitchen area which included the hotplate and then dropped slighly to make a dining table/bench. Just wondering if anyone can help me identify this house. Pretty sure it wasn't built in recent times. I found it on the internet once but haven't been able to find it again.

Nov 28, 19 12:56 pm

Having a picture and location would be nice. Maybe the magazine and issue would be helpful. It might even identify it. It is entirely possible to have an open interior plan. However, there would be some mechanism for supporting the roof. They don't just float in the air. You know, there's this pesky thing called gravity. 

Nov 28, 19 1:49 pm

It's Juliaan Lampens' Vandenhaute-Kiebooms House, Belgium, 1967

Rick if he had a picture or a location he wouldn't have needed help from a person.

Nov 28, 19 2:21 pm


Dec 1, 19 7:48 am

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