I'm starting to fall in love with Architecture again


Should I change careers while I'm ahead?

Nov 20, 19 2:01 pm

First I look at the purse. 

Nov 20, 19 3:32 pm

You'll get over it in the next recession.

Nov 20, 19 5:13 pm

i LOVE Architecture, but as with all things I err on the side of caution: if it seems too good, it probably is.  I think that architecture should be like getting tortured but it's not, it's for I, the passion of life.  But this is the frame one should approach architecture, you have to hate yourself to make it good and if that means not doing it then don't do it

Nov 21, 19 4:28 pm
Non Sequitur

you love the idea of loving architecture. You don't know the slightest thing about architecture.


i don't want to hear what you think about anything \

Non Sequitur

Excellent. The feeling is entirely mutual.


I've never heard you talk about anything in this forum that I'd consider "Architecture." I've said before & I'll keep saying it until it sticks: What you're thinking of is structural engineering.


So I hate architecture again and decided to stay until I love it again. C'est la vie.

Nov 25, 19 2:29 pm

I usually have this feeling between 10 and 1 each day.


If I still hate architecture at 4 I start making plans to leave the office. Usually I like it again by then.

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