going back to architecture

Please pardon my english.

Ive been in NY since 2008. Ive graduated B.S. Architecture back home but didnt get to practice it here.Im 32 now and trying to go back in my career path.

Any suggestions or tips anyone can share would really be a big help for me and consider it a step closer to getting back into architecture.

Do you guys think I still have a shot at this? What kind of steps do you think I should do?
I havent updated my NCARB record in years and havent started to do IDP.

Thank you!
Nov 13, 19 3:30 am

It is never too late, I have friends that started Architecture school in their 30's with no experience. Good for you for reaching out to others, I think advice from people who were in your situation will be most helpful!

Sounds like you need to start practicing and getting the hours recorded.

There is a Facebook group I recommend as a resource, the Foreign Architects FB Group.

DM me for more resources if you need.

Nov 13, 19 2:07 pm
Thank you! Ill go check out that FB group.
Nov 13, 19 10:51 pm

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