Your morning design panel facial expression quiz!

These are the facial expressions of people who are trying hard to be polite and respectful and keep the environment in the room educational: 

but the vile exploitative bullshit coming out of the mouth of their co-panelist is so craven that they really want to stop suppressing themselves and burn the entire world down.

Please post who you think they're addressing in the comments!

Nov 6, 19 7:05 am

3 candidates for a local school board addressing a PTA meeting

Nov 6, 19 8:12 am

Nope! Hint: Those are architects, and another architect is sitting across from them.

Nov 6, 19 9:39 am

Possibly they are all architecture-adjacent, not registered architects, for the pedantic among us.


Can we have another hint? Someone who exploits employees... Pretty much every starchitects firm ever, though who would talk about it openly?

Non Sequitur

Is this not from the Patrik discussion where he championed slavery?

Here's a clue! This image accompanied the article. 

Nov 6, 19 10:33 am
Non Sequitur

oops, I should have read the whole thread.


I'm still distracted by their choice in pants.

Nov 6, 19 10:51 am

oh... and is it important that every cup is half empty... or are they half full?


Everyone seems to be somewhat afraid of him... except for MFG!?

Nov 6, 19 11:39 am

Schumacher doesn’t come to Archinect anymore. Apparently he didn’t get the fawning response he was expecting.

Nov 7, 19 8:50 am

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