Question for Grad school student


Hi Architects,

For a class I need to ask experienced Architects their opinion on this:

"If most work is done digitally nowadays, why do we need to be able to print hard copies?"

Would really appreciate your insight! 

Oct 21, 19 1:32 pm
Chad Miller

From a legal standpoint the 'hard copies' of the CD's are part of a signed contract.  As such the architect is required to keep a copy on hand.

From a construction standpoint you need hard copies to build from.  At least until a flexible tablet is invented that will survive a construction site.

From a practice standpoint people simply like to have drawings in front of them, well at least I do.  Clients seem to respond better to a physical object they can interact with.  Also trace paper.  Lots of trace paper.  

Oct 21, 19 1:55 pm
Non Sequitur

Your question is dumb, hopefully this is for high-school class and not college/university. 

I review everything on physical paper copies.  I don't care about whatever green-washing fad everyone else is on... It'll take me half the time and I get to use my large table instead of the dual screens.  

Now stop being lazy and call people and ask them real questions.  That's doing research... not posting a question to an online forum and waiting.  So, with that said, I propose a better research questions: 

"In a progressively more digital world, do we still need to make reasonable intelligent efforts while researching for school assignments or can we just pool from anonymous wankers online?" 

Oct 21, 19 2:09 pm

Digitization just means increasing the canvas size on which to paint stupidity. 

Oct 21, 19 3:30 pm



Why do we have hands? It is for tactile experience to hold and manipulate the object world you live in. /s

Oct 29, 19 12:38 pm

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