Hard Rock Hotel Partial Collapse (New Orleans)

t a z

This is a pretty horrible and still precarious incident:

Whether contractor error or professional negligence, the armchair engineering debate on the internets rages on:

Oct 15, 19 1:42 pm

This will be a pretty interesting study for the forensic engineers out there,  Damn thing looks like the Murrah building with that whole side collapsing like that.  The videos that I've seen don't give much insight either, it just starts to slump and that's it.  I'm no engineer, but the steel structure that you can see in a few pictures looks pretty light...  A structure with the minimum amount of redundancy built in, and a construction mishap, well, I guess I'll leave it to the professionals.

Oct 15, 19 2:54 pm

As a ‘cub’ I was introduced to the concept of a structure “looking light”; that, too, was my first thought upon seeing the initial videos. 



So, all the hard rock was above ground, in this case.

Oct 15, 19 2:59 pm
t a z


Oct 18, 19 11:01 am

I saw a report where someone said, just before the accident, they had lifted a swimming pool onto the roof.  The pool looked like a large mass of steel (but could have been concrete).  Those steel columns still visible on the top two floors would have been too small to carry that size and type of concentrated localized load. But we'll see.

Oct 19, 19 12:27 pm

The pool was still up there after the collapse, it's in the post-collapse drone footage.


It would be interesting to get the followin information:

1) Was there a construction staging plan that was coordinated, reviewed, and "approved" by the Engineer of Record (EOR).

2) Was the shoring reviewed by the EOR?

3) Was the shoring installed per the "approved" shoring submital?

4) Was the Cast-In-Place (CIP) concrete of addequate strength at the time of construction loading?

5) Was was the firm conducting special inspections on the CIP concrete providing competent services?

6) Did the concrete change its properties/strenght between mixing and the pour? Were there whether conditions that contributed to this?

Oct 19, 19 10:01 pm

Forgot to include #7:

Were the loading assumptions correct? Did the GC adequately and clearly communicate what loading was gling to be taking place when abd where to the EOR during the shoring submittal review? 

Oct 19, 19 10:17 pm

I think you're right on all points. I'm willing to bet the GC and shoring sub didn't read the structural drawings requiring them to get an engineer to approve their shoring and reshoring plans.

t a z

Crane demo newspaper graphic:

Oct 21, 19 8:32 am
Chad Miller

How would you like to be the person that set the charges.  

Chad, this seems like a good opportunity to use a drone, no?

Why not just disassemble the cranes?

Chad Miller

Have to ask them. I have no idea.

liberty bell

I think the structure is too unstable to trust that the cranes won’t collapse while being disassembled, right?

t a z

Earlier in the week, officials abandoned an earlier plan to use support cranes to dismantle the unstable tower cranes after determining that plan was unsafe. “The largest crane company in America is here and wouldn’t touch it with their cranes. This is how dangerous these are,” McConnell said Thursday.

Oct 22, 19 1:55 pm

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