unresponsive plans examiner


Has anyone dealt with a plans examiner that wouldn't answer your emails or calls?

I've got this renovation in for permit and I'm trying to respond to the City's building code notice. But the examiner has been dodging my phone calls and not responding to emails. I've called the customer service and apparently she's in the building. Not sure what I should do... call up her manager? or show up at the front door?

Sep 9, 19 11:37 am

Yes, happens all the time, but then again we have people calling every day, asking questions. They do have 30 days to respond to documents. I do believe it is in the code somewhere, where it states that proper communication should be followed? Not sure if somebody can chime in on that!

Sep 9, 19 1:21 pm  · 
atelier nobody

Try e-mail. If you don't have her e-mail address, call the front desk and see if they can give it to you.

If e-mail doesn't work, then show up at the counter.

Save going over her head as an absolute last resort - that's "pulling out the big guns" in the plan check world.

Sep 9, 19 1:22 pm  · 

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