Does Anyone Care About Gothic or Romanesque Architecture Here?


I am just wondering what people's opinions are on Gothic and Romanesque architecture, and why.

Sep 9, 19 12:07 pm

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Which of my opinions do you want?

Sep 9, 19 12:45 pm
Non Sequitur

I have opinions as well.

Sep 9, 19 1:35 pm
atelier nobody

"Care about" in what way? I love a lot of Medieval architecture, and even more some of the 18th-19th Century revival stuff (Neuschwanstein, anyone?), but I certainly don't think we need another revival.

Sep 9, 19 1:38 pm

We need more gargoyles and wrought iron.

Sep 9, 19 1:45 pm

Can you ever really have enough gargoyles?


I certainly don’t think so


I work on ecclesiastical buildings, including grade 1 listed. Currently working access improvements a 16th century church. 

There's some fine examples of gothic architecture what we have worked on. 

For me, the gothic arches and spires and intricate detailing to doors and windows. Something about it brings vivid imaginations of how the people were living and building at the time. 

Sep 9, 19 2:18 pm

Collegiate gothic is still quite popular and being built today. Stanford University is a mixure of Romanesque blended with Spanish Colonial so yes, in the real world, the styles are popular and being reinterpreted today. 

Sep 9, 19 2:20 pm
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Minoan never gets enough love.

Sep 9, 19 3:35 pm

Proportionally, I always thought Minoan looked like the bad guys in cartoons.  Usually top heavy, tapering to the bottom.  Short legs, tiny waist.  Just... off. 

Sep 9, 19 4:03 pm

There are good reasons why the mainland Greeks "corrected" the tectonics.

I care.

Sep 9, 19 5:47 pm

How about some HHRichardson HHRomanesque?

Sep 9, 19 8:29 pm
Wood Guy

I'm a fan of Richardsonian Romanesque... my college advisor was a trustee of one of his houses, and she wrote a book about his work.


Impossible not to admire. "Why do you love architecture so much?" can be answered with buildings like that (and others, of course).


That courthouse is such a beauty .


Romanesque beats gothic for beauty, but both are interesting. My opinion is allow them.

Sep 10, 19 8:19 am

John Ruskin would disagree vehemently with your first statement.

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Pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaults > everything else

Sep 10, 19 12:04 pm

I am fortunate to work restoring 18th and 19th century architectural woodwork in New England. Certainly close to zero of the Classical is utilized in present day construction. 

Sep 13, 19 10:26 am

Gothic was modernism before the Renaissance.

Sep 13, 19 3:39 pm

+++ Exactly right.


I highly recommend following Jerry Larsen (@thearchitectureprofessor) on Instagram, he recently had a great series of posts on the Gothic and William LeBarron Jenney's treatise on it and influence on early american architecture.

how is the Gothic “modernism”?

Sep 15, 19 1:31 pm

Folks have written on this at length, but in a nutshell the similarities include the bold use of new technology and structural forms to span greater heights and lengths; the much larger openings and areas of glass this allows; all to achieve a new building type that defines an epoch architecturally and culturally. (My take, anyway.)

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