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Hi all, 

Background: Canadian citizen, born and raised abroad. 

So, the past 2 years of my life has been a shit storm. I wasted a year in school (A Level) after following some bad counselling advice and went forward with my disappointing first year at high school (AS Level) since I really wanted to resit my 4 AS but was urged into continuing A Levels instead and 'hopefully' perform better. I'm not a high achiever but strive to be and early on I was diagnosed with certain learning disabilities (nothing extreme) that requires me to seek extra provision during examinations (like extra time and scribe at times). 

On the other hand, I applied to unis for architecture (Carleton and Ryerson) but sadly didn't meet the requirements. Instead, I went with Plan B and applied to a local university (since the requirements were lower) and had the option to transfer to Canada in a year or two, but due to even more unfortunate circumstances (local certificate attestation waiting time and unable to pay for the first semester fee deposit) I couldn't attend the first day of university (which started today) and till now won't know for sure when I probably would. 

Now I'm getting older (19M), my friends are younger than me and are enjoying uni so I just really need to start something or I'm going to lose out. Currently my family is slowly going into financial ruins due to the declining economic climate we live in and at this point I'd be better off in Canada where there's more flexibility and support. So in desperation I'm setting up a Plan C incase Plan B doesn't work out.

I don't think I have the minimum requirements for a bachelor course. Therefore, I would appreciate to have someone recommend me a foundation course or college preferably in Ontario, Canada. That'll at-least help me to get into a Bachelor of Architecture. 

Sep 1, 19 1:34 pm
Non Sequitur

do a 2 year college level diploma in architectural technology then move into a 4y BAS, then 2y Masters. That’s the academic path ahead for you and if you’re already struggling academic wise, it’s probably going to be difficult. 

Another way is to just get any bachelor degree then apply to a 3y masters. 

The 3rd option is to do a 2y college level degree then sign up for the RAIC syllabus. This will allow you, after 6ish years of joint-work and study to write your Canadian architect exams. 

So lots of options but none of them are easy  

Sep 1, 19 2:18 pm  · 

Your question:
"I would appreciate to have someone recommend me a foundation course or college preferably in Ontario, Canada. That'll at-least help me to get into a Bachelor of Architecture. "

For college, the best place to start prior to Bachelor of Arch Sci. Degree would be either "Architectural Technology" at George Brown College or Centennial College. Both are 3 year courses with options to pursue coop employment. 

There, you won't learn much about conceptual design/thinking but instead you learn about the technical aspect of architecture such as sustainability, construction materials & methods, autocad/revit, building code and construction documentation. These are skills that are highly employable in the industry, and following graduation you will be ready to start a career in architecture. 

To bridge from college to university, you will need to maintain high grades and have a good portfolio. Please consult an admissions officer to understand what grades you need to stay competitive.The kids I know who've done this were above average students in class and were dedicated, so i know its possible, it just takes dedication and work. 

Sep 9, 19 2:33 pm  · 

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