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I was wondering if there were any conventions in which Architects go to present themselves, or have booths in the way that Architectural supplies and technology people do at events such as New York Build or AIA convention. 

Aug 22, 19 2:01 pm

Present ourselves to who? Who would attend this convention?

There are job fairs.. that's about all I can think of.

Aug 22, 19 2:37 pm  · 

Many large firms with specialties do rent booths, make presentations, and participate on panels at conferences related to those specialties - because that's where the potential clients are.  Usually firms' marketing people staff the booths, while principals or experienced design or technical staff are more likely to be content presenters.  For example firms that do school and higher ed projects frequently go to education conferences, healthcare firms go to medical conferences, public safety firms go to police and firefighter conferences, resort firms go to hospitality conferences, and if you're an architect who specializes in libraries then you want to meet potential clients at librarian-palooza. 

Think about the vendors and presenters at conferences geared toward architects:  they're full of window, paint, and tile reps - because those are the people who want to market to the architects on the architects' turf.  It wouldn't really make sense for all the tile reps to have their own conference full of tile booths, because far fewer architects would be interested.  There are things like home improvement expos, energy efficiency fairs, etc. that some architects also participate in - but usually those have lots of different professionals, trades, and product reps in one place.  I don't know of any architect-specific shows that are geared toward the general public.

Aug 22, 19 2:55 pm  · 

The stories I've heard from librarian-palooza ... sick. Those librarians know how to have a good time.


yes, ULI ICSC CTBUH for commercial development work 

Aug 22, 19 8:43 pm  · 

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