Starting school in a few weeks and need a good pair of over ear headphones (wired or wireless). Something to blast music and tune everyone out. Looking in the $50-100 range.

Aug 19, 19 11:45 pm

Aug 20, 19 2:18 am

Aug 20, 19 2:25 am
Non Sequitur

nothing says “I’m so into this collaborative studio space” than a humbling big pair of fuck-you ear phones. 

Aug 20, 19 6:25 am
Chad Miller

Actually I've found actually saying fuck you in response to every social query much more successful. Really lets people know your approachable.


In my studios - headphones are the universal "Too busy, leave me alone" sign. If the headphones are off, I'm down to be social. If they're on, please don't distract me.

Chad Miller


I went to school with a guy who always had earbuds in to help tune people out.  A lot of the time they weren't even plugged into anything to play music, he would just tuck the end into his pocket. It was simply a signal to others to leave him alone while he could take in the "collaborative studio space." If someone started talking to him and he didn't want to interact, he would just keep his head down and start to slightly bob his head to some imaginary beat.

I did start wearing big headphones in studio to tune out one particularly annoying person in my 3rd year. I had mixed results ... YMMV.

Aug 20, 19 11:41 am

When I started grad school I gifted myself a nice pair of Sennheisers. Would highly recommend. Great range + clarity, not overpriced for the quality (*cough* Beatsbydre *cough*), and durable. 7 years later they still sound brand new.

Aug 20, 19 12:12 pm

I use these.

Aug 20, 19 2:02 pm
atelier nobody

These have sound quality WAY above their price-range - they were a recommendation from an audiophile site for "best cheap headphones."

Aug 20, 19 4:07 pm


Aug 20, 19 4:20 pm

that belt, tho...

OMG! & fingersleeves!

Non Sequitur

Side shoulder rings too.

atelier nobody

Looks like something from a 70s Woody Allen sci-fi movie.


I love Skullcandy headphones. Really good for the price. Rocking Sehnheisers for about 8 years not, but will go to skullcandy one day.

Aug 20, 19 4:21 pm

Sony XB700 Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for just $60

Aug 26, 19 5:34 pm

Grado Labs Prestige series are within your budget. 

Sep 9, 19 5:43 pm

Didn't know Grado's have dropped that much in price. Mine ran close to $300 back in the day....

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