Toilet on a balcony


What do you guy think putting toilet on a balcony?

Jul 17, 19 10:07 am

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Non Sequitur

Great idea, especially if there is a glass guard as railing.

Jul 17, 19 10:13 am
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Maybe the greatest Topic line ever on Archinect. 

It's not even "Outdoor Toilet" - it's "Toilet on a balcony." 

On a balcony.  Greatest thing ever. 

And then there's the photo in the Buzzfeed thing of the one on the balcony... with the spray nozzle.  What did someone do to the bathroom inside that required such an installation...? "No.  You can't use the indoor anymore.  We're putting one out on the balcony for you.  AND!!  We're installing a spray hose.  We EXPECT you to use it."

I don't know if this is the funniest thing I've ever encountered or the most tragic. 

Toilet on a Balcony.  A++

Jul 17, 19 10:37 am
( o Y o )

a deck is like a balcony ...

Jul 17, 19 1:22 pm
atelier nobody

Who needs a toilet on a balcony? Just do your thing over the side.

Jul 17, 19 1:36 pm

You think he's calling the plumbing subcontractor with a change order?  Or is this just #Florida ? (sorry Florida)

I refuse to go outside without having my watch on.  Can you believe he's outside... and he doesn't have his watch on? 

It's got the elevated "Comfort Height" seat.  How comfortable does this guy need to be? 

I have an infinite amount of questions.

Like:  Is that a birdhouse to his left by the door?  And - Is there a door? 

Jul 17, 19 1:45 pm

Talk to me once they put a urinal on that balcony.

Jul 17, 19 4:23 pm

not quite on a balcony, but close enough without needing to figure out the wind direction before unzipping...


Nice! And I'll bet they're flushed using champagne.

Is that something Lord Foster would do?

Standard Hotel, NYC

Jul 17, 19 7:04 pm

neat idea. saves money on plumbing, saves time when i'm out grilling.

Jul 18, 19 1:06 am

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