Marc Jacobs Buys a Frank Lloyd Wright for $9.175 Million


"The fashion designer had been searching for an architecturally significant home in Westchester County to use as a weekend retreat."

It is on Long Island Sound in Rye, NY, with a view of the water.

Apr 8, 19 6:50 pm

Beautiful house, not helped at all by that horrible fence and pool.

Apr 8, 19 10:20 pm


Apr 9, 19 5:41 am

i feel like owning a piece of architecture like this would be very limiting really, as it pretty much precludes ever playing with architecture or even updating the interiors. i guess that's why it works as a weekend retreat, which is on the spectrum closer to museum showpiece than home.

Apr 13, 19 10:02 am

I second the pool fence comment.  Could they have at least painted/colored the inside of the pool to match the oxidized copper at the roof.  That would have helped help.  If you're keeping the pool.  The SS "Pools R Us" ladder there is pretty gruesome too.  Do they make those in copper?  If you're keeping the pool.

Bought for 9 million.  There's a budget for corrections.  It's not like Marc Jacobs doesn't know what he's doing.  Probably an interesting project to follow. 

Apr 13, 19 12:11 pm

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