Interesting, Walkable LI and Maker Space Development Examples


We have a client developing approximately 100 acres aimed at Light Industrial users. 

Their expectation is the typical 80's vintage "industrial park", ie large footprint single story buildings, lots of pavement/yard space and everything goes to bed at 5pm.

We are trying to push them toward a more mixed-use model with somewhat higher architectural standards and bike-ped infrastructure. Think: cool brew pub anchor with some live-work lofts across the street and some raw LI/'Maker' studios across from that. Of course there'd be a mehanic or two, maybe larger biotech, and typical food processing type stuff...

I'm getting desperate for some interesting examples large or small. Ideally, a district or development not just a standalone project. I recall finding something in Washington, maybe Tacoma a while back but cant find it again.

Any examples or places to look much appreciated!

Mar 25, 19 9:40 pm
won and done williams

A couple Detroit examples:

Check out Post

Check out Ponyride

Also Ivywild school (Colorado Springs)

Maybe Plexpod (Kansas City)

Most of the best examples I'm familiar with are adaptive reuse. 

Mar 26, 19 10:24 am
won and done williams

Also district-scale: Portland Pearl District, Wynwood Miami, maybe relevant. 100 acres is huge!

Mar 26, 19 10:28 am
won and done williams

One more came to mind: Navy Yard, Philadelphia

Mar 26, 19 2:21 pm

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