Masters Course Decision


Hey everyone! I have got admits to TU Delft Architecture Track and CITA Studio KADK for Fall 2019. Since I am inclined towards using and integrating computation in design I wanted to know if anyone who has been a part of either of the programs could shed some light on the kind of approach that both the universities adopt in this manner. 

I also wanted to know the possibilities and which country is better in terms of job aspects post masters Denmark or Netherlands?

Thanks in advance. 

Mar 19, 19 1:54 pm

Shouldn't you have asked yourself this before applying? You're basically asking if there's anyone out here that studied at both places and can tell you their differences and similarities and job prospects even, otherwise you'll just get one-sided info, no? 

I studied in Delft and even graduated and it was great, I'm currently working so that's great too. Hope it helped.

Mar 19, 19 4:32 pm



@ Krishna can you post the portfolio you used to apply to TU Delft? 

May 3, 19 2:19 pm

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