Detail in Architectural Practice


Do you know any good books to learn about detail?

Feb 15, 19 10:49 am

Graphic Standards

Feb 15, 19 10:51 am

Feb 15, 19 11:16 am

Looking at good sets of construction drawings is most instructive.   I haven't seen a good detail book in the USA in a long time.

Feb 15, 19 11:26 am

Look at lots of pretty pictures, then sketch how you think those effects were constructed. Start here:

Feb 15, 19 1:31 pm

I still find myself looking at a building and drawing imaginary wall sections in my mind. Kinda pathetic.

liberty bell

No, it’s not pathetic, it’s a wonderful way of experiencing the world! Think about doctors, they look around and see bags of disease and decrepitude in human form everywhere the
y go. We get to look at the world and see structure, ingenuity, gravity, weather, shelter, tradition, so many beautiful things !

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