Need Someone to Review Tenant Improvement Plans/Drawings and Stamp


I worked with a retail interior designer to provide floor plans for a convenience store I am opening. However, when I took the drawings/plan to the city they said they need to be stamped by a licensed architect in California. 

I am not doing any type of remodeling at all. The only thing that the store needed is new paint and new flooring installed and that is it. 

I need to install all the fixtures (Aisle and Wall Gondola Units, Glass showcases and counters and slatwall panels). My plans indicate this and I planned on attaching or including the spec sheets for the shelving units. 

I received a quote for an architect to review my plans and stamp them but it was a lot considering that my designer said he can make the changes and then send the plans back to him to review and once finalized stamp them to submit to the city. 

I am at a loss on what to do here. Any help is appreciated! 

Jan 11, 19 7:24 pm
Non Sequitur

Pay the architect.

Jan 11, 19 7:39 pm



Since your designer didn't apparently know an architect's stamp would be required, I wouldn't accord great credibility to him/her.  Remember, the architect isn't just looking at the drawings, he is taking liability.  The designer is effectively off the hook.  Stamping drawings is an invitation to a lawsuit, and the architect deserves to be paid for taking the risk.

Jan 11, 19 8:11 pm

^ +++


what city? As a licensed architect in Ny, this city is one of the most complicated...

Jan 11, 19 9:00 pm

I also happen to be licensed in california..


How much was the fee?

Jan 11, 19 9:01 pm

crickets chirping ............................................


That's fairly typical of the newbie, please-help-me-but-I-don't-want-to-spend-any-money poster here. Once a few "hire an architect" responses go up, rarely a 2nd comment.

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