LED uplight molding anyone?


We have done this in the past, which is time consuming and can be botched in many ways; Now I'm looking for a prefab molding or extrusion that is similar in shape and size, so far nothing from major manufacturers, do any of you have a source for something like this?


Jan 8, 19 3:25 pm

trying to avoid the kerf into the wood beam, looking for a surface application

Jan 8, 19 3:25 pm

I'm not sure where all you've looked, but this is what we've used in the past: 

Not sure if they offer exactly what you're looking for, but worth a look.

Jan 8, 19 3:43 pm

thanks! this is very similar to what I've seen everywhere, the issue is trying to hide the light source completely from below while having a minimally exposed molding. I usually use these guys, they even got a flexible channel


I've used this one, the channel looks nice when exposed.

Jun 11, 19 11:35 am

One caveat, according to the electrician there's still a kerf necessary, as the clips don't hug the channel to the substrate, there's a minimal gap.


There are many suppliers for indirect LED lighting moulding especially in Europe but I have found this one who offers the most variety.

Jun 12, 19 8:09 pm

Time to delete this thread, the rotting meat is attracting the flies.

Jun 26, 19 11:40 am

Or maybe we can add thread locking capabilities?

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