Statement of Intent Thesis Master of Architecture"

Hello everyone, 

I am trying to get the admission for M.Arch at Ryerson University "and this is my second time", however, I have prepared my application and the requirements, but I am struggling with the Statement of Intent Thesis, as this program based on Thesis, so the institution offer 3 difference themes for the Statement of Intent Thesis study area; 

1- Sustainable Design.  

2-Emerging Technology.  

3-Global Communities. 

I have chosen Sustainable Design area. And the program offer questions for the statement: (We are faced with unprecedented environmental, economic, social and cultural challenges on a global scale. What can we do to ensure that our world is viable for future generations? How do we support and design a healthy, equitable future?).  

I need to know how should I start.. Should I take my time in researching at those questions and then write?.. I have done the statement of Interest to U of T.

Should I just add couple of paragraphs for that statement as there is no enough time?    

I would like to hear your perspective... and if you guys have any example or recommend any website, you could share that with me at my email address: 

I appreciate that.


Yazan Akkad


Jan 2, 19 8:24 pm

...something about being lazy

Jan 2, 19 8:45 pm  · 

That's right. My father just passed away.. So my mind not here at all..

Thank you 

Non Sequitur

If you start now, you might be able to figure it out by next year's application deadline... but seriously, if you can't string together a few intelligent paragraphs based on these generic questions, you will not last a week in grad school.  

This part of the application is such that it exposes lazy thinking and cliché writing habits since you will have ample time and opportunities to direct your thesis research elsewhere once you get going with school.  Let the first part of this previous sentence sink in.

Jan 2, 19 9:07 pm  · 

No way to wait another year. it will be 3 years in row.. If I did not get the admission for this year.. I will think about another way to the licence in Canada. Or maybe I will study it online.

I appreciate it. Thank you 

Non Sequitur

There are only 2 paths to an architect's license (in canada): 

 The typical M.Arch + internship (3 to 5year) 


The RAIC Syllabus. 

The syllabus is an easy 8 years and I've known some to take longer. Online is garbage and very few, if any, online M.archs are acceptable under the CACB. 

Since the bar for entry at UofT and RYU is low, I suggest you strongly reconsider your approach to this SOP req because as you've explained your intentions above, it's literally impossible that you're admitted.


That is right. Syllabus program is good path.


You should pay somebody to write your statement for you. Should cost about $150-300.

Also, hello admissions officer who inevitably stumbled on this thread, I assure you that Yazan Akkad is a hard working individual who would never pay to have somebody do his work for him.

But yeah anyways Yazan, check out:

Jan 4, 19 3:48 am  · 

I think that is a good idea.. I wish my professor won't visit this web :). Thank you

Non Sequitur

Yazan, don't outsource your work. That's cheating.


architects outsource everything, if anything it's preparing you for the profession

Chad Miller

No, it's cheating.


I so hope this thread pops up when admission boards google your name.

Jan 4, 19 7:13 am  · 
Non Sequitur

If this is the type of easy, low ball statement questions they expect, I seriously doubt Ryerson U has the staff available to google each applicant for their online profile.


You have a point there.


Give Ryerson back their buzzwords and clichés in a slightly expanded form. At best they are only going to scan them briefly.

Jan 4, 19 10:32 am  · 
If you write your statement of intent the same way you write in this forum, please find someone to proof read and correct your writing and grammar.

Being a non native English speaker myself, do practice your reading and writing if possible.
Jan 7, 19 6:10 pm  · 

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