New to architecture here


For those of y'all with experience in the field, how accurate is this?

Dec 5, 18 1:15 pm

It's inverted

Dec 5, 18 1:19 pm

I don't understand can you explain please?

Dec 5, 18 1:23 pm
Non Sequitur

You need to be rich and or famous first, then you can become a superstar architect.


if your definition of success is getting rich or being famous, you have chosen the wrong profession - just statistics.


I know this sounds more than ideal, but what about becoming one of the best, and designing famous buildings? I really want to end up practicing in Dubai


Why would you want to practice in Dubai?

Non Sequitur

Dubai is probably the worst place... and Akk, please note that only a very small fraction of practicing architects get to touch these types of projects.

Non Sequitur

Very stupid chart.

Dec 5, 18 1:52 pm


This chart looks like an attempt at justifying someone's chosen path to study at an expensive school and to work (possibly without pay) for some "design" oriented firm while making a slight jab at "corporate" firms that leverage scale, software and a strong design template to maximize profits.

Success in this field is not easily measured and is going to be different for each person has different work and life goals.  If you don't have a building on the cover of a magazine and or you are not rich does not mean you are not a successful architect.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Dec 5, 18 2:37 pm

The true measure of success is internal, not external. Better to find that out sooner rather than later. 

Dec 5, 18 9:17 pm

getting paid some helps


Really? I read this chart totally differently and think it's quite accurate.

The path on the far right is the correct one, unless you measure yourself by wealth or fame. In which case, take one of those routes.

Dec 5, 18 9:33 pm

Left path should say.... become more rich if you profit over cash expenses. Middle chart..... famous only to those who it gives a damn to. Right column..... closer to reality. 

The left two are fiction to everyone but those who are already rich because you have to be rich to be respected by those clients and paid by them otherwise they don't pay you. You see, they didn't get rich by paying the people they owe money to. They simply screw them over and get away with it because only rich people can afford to sue another rich person. We are still a substantially caste based system.

Dec 5, 18 10:58 pm

Where's the "Get your license you lazy mofo" part?

Dec 6, 18 2:27 am

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