Specialized online MBA for Architects?


So I have a specific request I haven't found in other threads regarding MBA programs and architects.  I have always had a passion for architecture, art and understanding businesses.  I have a MArch degree and have a small practice in a smaller town, but always appreciate learning as much as I can about business (I have worked in SFO, SEA, and PDX).  Being that I am in a smaller town, I am looking at online MBA programs, but want to know if there are some that are more small practice/ architect minded MBAs out there?  I like the idea of an MBA, but wouldn't want one more focused on  small practice situations and growing a design firm.

Thanks in advance.

Nov 24, 18 12:34 am

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Nov 24, 18 3:39 am  · 

I would definitely recommend you the Global Architect MBA, that was specifically designed for small practice/architects that are business oriented and want to acquire Startup Mindset applied into architecture. 

Program goals are you to be able to run your own successful business efficiently and buy back your time, to spend it on your most important duties.

It's completely online so you can join from anywhere

Let us know what you think

May 14, 22 8:08 am  · 
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