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 After a career gap, I got into a " high end" small residential architecture + ID firm. I love the work. I learned a lot of detailing and got hands on CA experience. 

Are there any downside to doing only residential architecture ? 

Thank you,

Nov 16, 18 11:29 pm
( o Y o )

[DC] and you're still doing this because ... ?

Nov 18, 18 6:22 pm

are you quoting yourself?


In other words it's still architecture, which as a profession sucks.

Nov 19, 18 7:14 am

downsides from someone who has never done residential:

  • real architects look down on you
  • you will never be exposed to the complexities of industrial, commercial, etc….
  • you may become pigeonholed in one project type
  • you will not be exposed to professional clients who have built many projects and years of experience in the industry.
  • I believe the pay is better outside of residential.
  • plenty of upsides too, but you didn't ask about that.....
Nov 19, 18 1:52 pm

I guess I read this as SFR. Multi fam is a whole different animal


plenty of upside as well !! 

Yes we only do SFR.

Done a gut reno apt , next is a base building hous then time to move on.. 

Pay is not bad since we do interiors as well. 

Nov 19, 18 10:53 pm

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