Is architecture not for me?


I'm the most inexperienced person to start typing this, but I will anyway. I'm in my first semester of architecture, and I'm starting to hate it. I know it's the start and every degree has it's own complications, but I feel I will get nowhere if I keep pursuing it. I spend hours working(which everyone does) but usually I'm not happy with the end result. It's more confusing than hard. Now I've already taken a gap year, and decided on pursuing architecture against my parent's will. Now I just feel stupid for not listening to them, I do enjoy it to a small degree. But I feel like I'll never be able to make it. Is it suppose to be this hard? Is it not worth it? The only possibility of changing my degree is next year, which would mean I would've wasted 2 years of my life. I don't know if I should somehow keep going, or will it not be worth it in the end if I keep finding it frustrating. Plus, the cost is another thing, other than the enormous fee, the cost of supplies is too much. In other degrees atleast that wont be a problem. I don't find it exciting anymore. 

Nov 4, 18 10:05 am

Then leave.

Nov 4, 18 11:22 am

You haven't lost 2 years, whatever you decide. They are two years that helped you figure out what you want to be doing in life, that's priceless!

Nov 4, 18 2:57 pm

short answer: yes

you’re welcome. 

Nov 4, 18 4:13 pm

I will repeat advice I have given in other threads:

Arrange to spend some time in two or more working architects offices and observe what they do all day.   This will give you an idea of what actual practice is like and if it is a good fit for you.

Architecture school is the USA is absolutely nothing like practice.  The claim that design studios are like working in an office are complete bullshit.

Nov 5, 18 11:03 am

But if you really hate it and won't leave, you'll waste 3-4 years of your life.

Decide, what you like to do and change the college, there is nothing difficult.

Nov 7, 18 2:55 pm

They usually tell you that you should stick with a job for a year before deciding to quit. You've been at it in arch school for two years. If it's truly a concern, then make the change. Two years is an insignificant number compared to the rest of your life (or at least until retirement.... but i don't think architects do that).

Nov 7, 18 3:54 pm

If you don't find a passion for it, try something else.  That's what college is for.  You can always come back to it for grad school for an extra year.

School is different from the working world, in most cases it has more 'fun' and 'design', but not always.  School is rather brutal in its requirements (and yes expensive), so if you don't love it, it only gets worse.

Nov 7, 18 4:08 pm

If you are asking yourself "is architecture not for me" then the answer is yes. Enough asking the question to us. 

Nov 7, 18 5:24 pm

I recommend getting out now and would recommend the same even if you completed your degree.  This industry is exceptionally demanding, everyone posting here has worked far more than 40 hour in a week without receiving a thanks much less any other form of appreciation.

The crticism is constant, if you cant handle it at school it pales in comparison  to what you will receive when making your mistakes drawing stairs and restrooms.  

Goiod luck finding something else.

Nov 7, 18 6:01 pm

Leave ASAP. I like architecture. I am licensed in 2 states. But I don't have the personality as a "service" provider. I do better on my own as a businessman dealing with real estate and development . 

Once you made your money you can do whatever design you want for YOURSELF. 

Nov 7, 18 6:11 pm

no one recommends the profession.

Nov 7, 18 11:50 pm



Hey there,

Architecture school can be really arduous. Especially in your first year. It took me a while to find my voice in the profession, as it does most people, and it wasn't until third or fourth year that I really started to enjoy it. Now I can't imagine doing anything else with my life. I guess it was ego that made me stick with it (both my parents are architects), and i'm glad I did. Design is a learning process, it takes time to figure out your process, and while it may seem like you're pushing a rock up hill now, like any other skill, you have to work at it. 

As has been stated here, architecture school is very different from the actual profession of architecture, I like thisisnotmyname's suggestion of shadowing some actual architects for a few days to understand what it's really like. Once you're out of school for a few years, unless you plan on staying in academia, you realize how little school actually matters to your career. There are also more niches in architecture than are typically taught in school -- some people are heritage architects, some specialize in sustainable architecture, some people design transit hubs (which is very complicated and technical, and requires an immense amount of knowledge and skill), some architects specialize almost entirely in construction coordination and administration, etc, etc, etc. 

I really resent the attitude that architecture school teaches, and that a lot of young architects trumpet, that you need to suffer or "pay your dues" to earn a place in the profession, we should respect ourselves more. If you work for a good employer, it does not "get worse" as was previously stated, it gets better. 

Good Luck!

Nov 8, 18 7:45 pm

i'm 27 and i would assume the school gets better.  you're onto structural engineering & actual buildings.  i'm just starting

Nov 9, 18 3:48 am

i failed out of 1st semester design. the cards ARE stacked. you'd get way more out of eng but no nomination


I think you know the answer. You just need some littli to do it ;)

Nov 10, 18 9:34 am

This is not a group therapy/self-help forum. 

Nov 10, 18 12:43 pm

It's okay for you to whine about the fact your doorman makes more than you, but when people have genuine concerns about entering the profession this is what you serve them? Nice...

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