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I am looking for Dutch firms that are more focused on this type of work or style, I do not know how I should call it.  I can provide some examples. The only Dutch firm which is into this style of post-production, is Monadnock. It would nice if some of you could provide more firms that have some work alike. The other examples are: Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen, 514NE, Fala Atelier, Baukunst, Baukuh, GAFPA, agwa, etc. 

Sep 24, 18 3:32 pm

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Hello, I read that four times now. I still don't know. I will say that the OKGDVS website loads really slow. I'm torn between looking at the other 5 examples or getting a beverage.

Is there a Dutch architecture firm referral organisation?

Sep 24, 18 9:06 pm
Justin Turdo

I love Dutch Bros coffee!

Sep 24, 18 9:32 pm

Red Whale coffee is dope.


So you prefer style over substance? Those offices you list just make their drawings and renderings look like that because they think it's cool, current or because that's just what their interns learnt in school. Their built work varies tremendously or is that none of your concern?

Since all your references are basically Belgian, maybe try it over there :)

Sep 25, 18 4:04 am

Yes, I do understand what you mean. I do notice that those firms have sort of different approaches. I do not know if I prefer style over substance. I think that they have a nicer representation of drawings which is more artistic than only having renderings. I do not really mean that the firms have to have that representation. I am wondering what Dutch firms have similar work to those one that I mentioned above. Since, I do not have a great knowledge about newer Dutch firms because most of the firms that I mentioned from Belgium, I do not think that they are that old, and most of the Dutch firms I know are like MVRDV, OMA, NL, SEarch, etc. The only Dutch firm which I have seen that their work is more related to the one of those Belgian firms is Monadnock.


Ah okay, I've got one:



Sep 25, 18 4:07 pm

They're Danish...


Happel Cornelisse Verhoeven

Sep 27, 18 2:20 pm

Thanks for all the responses. They were helpful. I just would like to know something else. I know it might be an annoying and repetitive question which many people might have asked. But, what are the the new generation of Dutch firms? I mean what it comes after MVRDV or OMA. I am asking because I was looking at a diagram by Alejandro Zaera Polo and I noticed that there is a scarcity of Dutch firms on the diagram. I will attach it. So I show you what I mean 

Sep 29, 18 7:00 am
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SeARCh, Lola, ZUS, Anne Holtrop, RAAAF, NLE, Anne Feenstra, SO-IL(half)...with additional bonus OMA alumni (without double checking) FREE, BIG, JDS, RE, Ole Scheeren, probably some of the Belgian offices too. And COBE is an MVRDV alumnus, with Winy Maas and Jacob van Rijs being OMA alumni and so is Alejandro ZP who made this little diagram. Not too bad I would say...

Sep 29, 18 2:31 pm


Are there clients somewhere thinking: I want to hire an architect but it has to be a Dutch architect? Is that a thing? (I mean besides in Holland)

Sep 29, 18 2:36 pm

No, sorry to bother you with the question. I just wanted to know what upcoming or newer Dutch firms have such a great influence or will have it as those offices, such as OMA or MVRDV did. I'm curious what it is currently going on with Dutch architecture, besides those two big firms mentioned above.


What's going on is that 90's & 00's starchitecture in general lost most of its shine, appeal or even relevance, no?


Yes, I do agree with you. That's why I was wondering what new interesting firms are working
in the Netherlands nowadays


Simply check Dutch architectural news sites like archined or architectenweb or magazines like 'de architect' to see what's going.


Thanks for all the help!

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