Container home with basement


I’ve been looking into container homes but haven’t came across much info on any with basements. I understand the stress that is put onto the containers from back fill when they are buried. But what I’m having trouble finding is containers over a traditional style basement (block/concrete). My main concern is sealing where they would meet. Any suggestions on this? Which route would be the best or just scrap the basement idea if going with a container home. Thanks in advance for any input and suggestions

Sep 19, 18 10:41 pm
Non Sequitur

Just use plenty of caulking, or scrap the whole container anything idea.  It's not 2001 anymore.

Sep 19, 18 11:02 pm

bury another container

Sep 20, 18 8:22 am
Non Sequitur

But, according to the op:

"I understand the stress that is put onto the containers from back fill when they are buried"

Perhaps the solution here is to back fill with additional shipping containers.


Anything can be a container. Stress from backfill? Try being the container under 40 other container friends crossing the black sea in january.


Fill it with water before backfill, instant indoor basement pool.

Non Sequitur

put it on the vertical and you've got yourself a claustrophobia inducing 40' deep scuba training coffin!




Build your basement at ground level :P

Sep 21, 18 8:01 am

A real architect would have left off the smiley face.


what smiley face?

Emoji, whatever.


Whatever? Eye for detail!

Sam Apoc

good thread.  would read again

Sep 21, 18 9:23 am

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