Student Internship In Europe


Hello I am an undergraduate student and I was interested in seeing if there was a possibility that one could work as a student intern at a firm abroad. I have worked here in the US at firms and the AXP hours will still count as long as the architect is dually licensed in the US. I think this type of experience would be better served than paying an exuberant amount in program fees for a study abroad trip of similar length. I would like to gain some experience in a foreign office now because its not at all realistic once I am graduated. Has anyone done this before? Maybe it is too far fetched but I am curious if it is a possibility. I have had friends in other majors do co-ops in foreign countries for a summer or semester but architecture is slightly different in that regard. Is there a database of any sort that I can see architects licensed in the US, that live and practice abroad? There are programs that match you but if there was a way to simply do it on my own I think that would be preferred. 

Sep 18, 18 12:05 pm

A certain amount of hours under a non US licensed architect also used to count...don't know if this changed. 

You need a visa to work in Europe if you are from the US (this is actually the biggest hurdle).

Most offices don't want an intern for less than 6 months.

Sep 19, 18 3:32 am

Maybe look for offices that have branches both in the US and in Europe.

Sep 19, 18 2:42 pm

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