Why is Sanford Kwinter so popular?


In academia, but why?



Sep 17, 18 9:32 pm

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Sep 17, 18 10:11 pm

Beat me to it.

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Non Sequitur

Don't you mean: "why are "why is stanford kwinter so popular" threads so popular?

There, fixed it for you.

Sep 17, 18 11:16 pm

In a parallel, funnier universe...


Flagged the thread for just simply and literally copying the title and post from another thread. And to repost my remark from that thread: 

Funny thing is, Sanford Kwinter isn't popular at all, he wasn't already when this thread was made back in 2011. He peaked in the early 2000's:

Sep 18, 18 7:34 am
Citizen that gif, incredible
Sep 18, 18 9:44 am

Thanks. Non-Seq's excellent observation set it up beautifully.

Non Sequitur

I believe we can all take an extra long weekend break. No way we can top this off this week.


I'm guessing that Kwinter's mother or agent (maybe the same person?) is behind this occasional PR strike.

Sep 18, 18 12:46 pm

By PR strike you mean reposting dead threads? She should be fired.

Justin Turdo

da fuk????

Sep 21, 18 11:25 pm

Is it a Sanford Kwinter nostalgia tour?

Sep 23, 18 7:58 am

Why does a hacker send 100 spam emails from my account every day?

Sep 23, 18 8:03 am

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