nyc - 3 Family - Adding laundry area for tenants in Cellar.


Hello All,

I am looking to add laundry area in Cellar of a 3 Family for Tenants to use. Currently the building has sprinklers in lobby and each floor as per NYC code. If placing laundry in cellar do I need to add additional sprinklers downstairs..



Sep 14, 18 2:08 pm
Non Sequitur


Hire an architect if you want a real answer.

Sep 14, 18 2:43 pm

yes.... wait, no..... wait, maybe..... 

While i try to determine the correct answer, you can peruse the NYC building code in the mean time to see if you can find the answers yourself:

Sep 14, 18 4:43 pm

Thank you for the link.


No problem. I would charge you for my consulting fees but since you're so cordial. I'll let it slide this time around.


Dryers occasionally catch fire. What happens to your building, and the people in it, if an unattended dryer catches fire?

Sep 14, 18 4:54 pm

I notice their is a sprinkler in the cellar stairs.


Check NFPA 13R. Laundry Rooms are required to have sprinkler heads. You could theoretically put a washer and dryer inside of a bathroom that is under 55 square feet and get away with not putting a sprinkler head down there...

Sep 16, 18 12:37 pm

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