What kind of job position for someone without architecture degree...


Almost 29.... thinking about looking for new career path and I would like to ask for advice. 

First of all, I am not looking for architect position without any background or training, I am wondering if there is position that I could possibly do it with my background. 

So my education background is urban planning. 
I was planning to go back to school to obtain architecture degree.... but I had job offer... told myself I will still go back to school, but never happened.

Anyways, I am working as commercial construction estimator for pretty good size roofing and siding company, 5 years and counting. (flat roof, single, metal roof, vinyl siding, fiber cement, metal siding, ACM, etc)

Anyways, estimating and pre-construction process is pretty fun, but work/ life balance is pretty horrible with same thing over and over kind of work. 

So I been looking around for new position possibly something I could do without going back to school or training (well if I find something that I will enjoy for the rest of my life thats an option), and seeing all these positions that I never heard of before.....BIM Technology Analyst, R&D position, etc  and wondered if there are more positions like these that I never knew about... something I can possibly do.... and that is why Im here..

Sorry if I rambled a lot.... a lot of thought in my head and its hard to organize them right now D: 

Jul 20, 18 3:38 pm

is there not a planning/development department where you are?

Jul 20, 18 3:53 pm

No, where I am its basically pre-construction and production department.


"but work/ life balance is pretty horrible with same thing over and over kind of work."

At least you are outside a lot, it would seem, and not chained to a computer. You also probably work pretty independently without someone breathing over your shoulder micro-managing everything you do.

Jul 21, 18 8:42 am

Sadly as estimator, 95% times Im glue to computer, reading blueprints all day haha


What is your formal training .... certificates, degrees, military?  What part of the world?

Jul 21, 18 4:12 pm

You'll be surprise, a lot of people working in these firms don't have an architecture degree. You know just as much as new graduates. Join a firm that has both an architecture and estimator department. Go for the estimator job, after a year ask to join the architecture department as a cad drafter, there's your first architecture job, after that, you can do whatever.

Jul 21, 18 6:51 pm

interesting, never knew arch. firm having estimator department. I will look into that thanks. 

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