Suggestions required for elevation



I am renovating a house and have a 28 x 26 ft terrace. I am looking to create a gym with a nice elevation. Can anyone suggest dimension and elevation of the terrace with gym? I have attached the layout. Thanks

Jul 11, 18 11:52 am
Non Sequitur

Have you considered hiring an architect?

Jul 11, 18 11:56 am

Can we just make this the official Archinect forums header?

Non Sequitur

There should be an option under the flag drop down menu to add this as a badge to the posts.


Or at least a filter option.


I nominate for featured comment


Yes i have hired an architect but not liking his recommendations on this particular area. I am looking for some innovative options. 

Jul 11, 18 2:54 pm
Non Sequitur

Then hire a better architect. Don't come here looking for free advice you cheapskate.


Mind your language please! If you arent willing to help, just keep your butts shut!

Jul 11, 18 3:06 pm
Non Sequitur

Language? what fucking language? You're looking for free advice from people who make a living on said advice. Enjoy your shitty budget renovation.


Mind your your fucking language. Seems like you dont have any work and trying to make a fucking living from your shitty work! No wonder you dont have anything to do. LOL

I never mentioned I am looking for free help. But I am not paying fuckers like you to even clean my toilet! Go fuck yourself!

Jul 11, 18 3:41 pm
Non Sequitur

I have plenty of paying clients and work to keep me busy thrice over, thanks for asking. Must be your first time on the internets.


I thought I joined a community of sophisticated people. Didnt know there are frustrated like like this dude here. God bless this community. I am unsubsribing from this shit hole.

Jul 11, 18 3:43 pm
Non Sequitur

You did join such a community. Plenty of sophisticated and intelligent architects here, myself included. You just came in asking for free work while offering nothing in return.


that escalated quickly, where's balkins when you need him?

Jul 11, 18 3:48 pm
Non Sequitur

I'm sure RickyB can elaborate on what a gym with nice elevation on a suburban terrace requires.


I'm betting on a desert view, don't know why.


Free of charge gym elevation.  I can't believe others were complaining about you.  Good luck on your project (don't you like how it looks like a spaceship?  I do)

Jul 11, 18 4:03 pm

Is cheapskate a bad word?


Jul 11, 18 4:08 pm
( o Y o )

Can anyone suggest dimension and elevation of the terrace with gym?


Jul 11, 18 4:11 pm

I get opportunities to work for free every day lately. Archinect is supposed to be our break from this.

Jul 11, 18 4:16 pm

Does this sort of thing happen in other industries? The gall...

Jul 11, 18 4:17 pm

The police and firemen are free.

Jul 11, 18 4:20 pm

From Zero to 'F' in so few comments.  People are getting much more efficient.

Political sites' comments sections are looking positively fuzzy by comparison.

Jul 11, 18 4:25 pm

I'd like to take some credit for this. I think it started in earnest after I first posted "consulting fees start at ...".

The very least some of these assholes could do is buy us a couple rounds first. We're whores, not sluts.

Jul 11, 18 4:37 pm

All these preposterous requests lately have to be by the same troll, right?  Either that or somebody's running research on us, to see what approach will best get free services, or how manipulable architects are or something?  Even the most clueless homeowner wouldn't ask for ideas about the elevation when we don't know what the house looks like, would they?  Is this really sincerely a new, way dumber generation of homeowners?

Jul 11, 18 4:59 pm

I avoid conspiracy theories, but some of the requests we've seen (like this one) are so vague and lazy they just have to be fake, right?

It almost makes me nostalgic for the legit (if annoying) rambling queries by super-enthusiastic property buyers of yore.


(BTW, I'm registering Vague & Lazy as my new firm name.)


the op question and attached plan are a total joke.

Jul 11, 18 5:22 pm

Gimme gimme to fuck you in four posts. I think that's a new record.

Next time we all ought to stand back and let Ricky handle it. Or at most post referrals to him.

Jul 11, 18 7:13 pm

This is pretty much how architecture goes in real life too. Someone needs something and you have to help them for free or get screamed at.

Jul 12, 18 7:57 am

Try calling 911. (Kidding -- do NOT actually do that.)

Jul 12, 18 8:06 am

"9-11. What is the nature of your emergency?"

"Somebody on the internet told me to call you."

Non Sequitur

"9-11. What is the nature of your emergency?" 

 "Somebody on the internet called my Bauhaus inspired portfolio cover a clusterfuck "


"I ​required some architects to suggest an elevation and they refused!" Love the use of that verb too. Required.

Archinect could have a 9-11 button that rings Ricky.

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