Any Fort Nite Players?


I love building in Fort Nite! Who else does?

Apr 24, 18 9:32 pm
wurdan freo

better than minecraft?

Apr 24, 18 11:05 pm

Hello oneLOSTarchitect, 

Yes, Fortnite (proper spelling). I wouldn't call it better or worse than Minecraft. I'd call it different.

That said, there is some creative ways to build but ultimately, it isn't just about creative arranging of components but about effective use of resources within the parameter of the game. In other words, it isn't about being an architect per se. It is a game after all with some general game objectives to be met. 

Apr 25, 18 12:02 am

Are you the same Rick from the ARE Forum?


Lets just say that I am familiar with Fortnite. 

The purpose of a making the "forts" in Fortnite isn't about architectural aesthetics as much as it is about function from within the game's perspective of function. Sure, there is some creative ways to do things and it commands it to be function but yes I played it. I won't debate or argue against the fun and creative ways you can devise a fort in the game. From a functional perspective, the goals is for the fort to work for itself without you having to work too hard so you can focus on repair and strategically targeting your time on the big monsters that do serious damage. The fort can usually take care of the scrawny husks but targetting the "hank hills" as our group calls them (officially called "Sploder"), "Smasher", Flingers and some of the other more pesky assholes in the game. Having good high ground often works. When you have "casper the unfriendly ghost" (officially called "Takers") and some of the others, focusing on them are the best strategy if you build your fort well with defenses to work.

There are some interesting and creative ways to do things. I'll say that much.

Superfluous Squirrel

Real Architects play Dwarf Fortress!

Apr 25, 18 5:19 am

bwhahahaaaha... thanks for that


I'm busy with pubg - no time for anything else

Apr 25, 18 8:39 am

I play Civilization 5.

Apr 25, 18 10:53 am

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